To gain a true sense of what Revival means, take a quick look at the BEFORE shots
at the end of the photo reel, then come back to the transformation
– it’s breathtaking…..hard to believe its even the same site!

Significant site clearing began with tree removal and debris clearing including heavy overgrowth, concrete slabs and old pavers followed by judicious relevelling of the entire yard
into functional terraced zones – setting the scene for the master works to come.

Flowing out from the master bedroom ranch slider, maintenance free composite decking provides an indoor outdoor continuity that links with a secondary deck area designed to render an uneven rocky area useable. Bluestone steppers, softened by groundcover incorporates the perfect alfresco entertainment space in a continuous flow of “outdoor kitchen, living and dining rooms”.
The curved L shaped masonry seating is a feature in itself. A decking pathway extending from the screened rear storage area gives easy access to the new turf area at the lower side of the property.

A pair of curved sandstone retaining walls artistically contain terraced level changes and feature planting along with the artful contemporary circular ground sculpture. New boundary fencing sits on raised retaining sleepers to extend level spaces for play and enjoyment.
Threading through the center of it all is an accessible pathway with sandstone steps,
tying both styling and spaces in a sleek double curve.


Coming soon.

Coming soon!

Coming soon …..


Karen & , Turramurra